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Planning for Brexit?

We provide viable solutions.

Need guidance preparing for Brexit?

Presently, the European Council and the United Kingdom
have settled for an exit date of 31st January 2020.

With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, proper monitoring and planning are essential for ensuring that your studies continue to unfold seamlessly. We are prepared to help you find the best course of action.

To stay abreast of evolving Brexit developments we created the ACM Global Brexit Response Team (ACM-BRT). Our experts have undergone extensive training to address potential changes in customs procedures that may occur after the United Kingdom (UK) leaves the European Union (EU).

The ACM-BRT has worked to develop comprehensive measures to reduce potential delays in sample shipments and to reduce the challenges that Brexit could have on your clinical trial. We are here as your partner, to answer all of your questions about the impact of Brexit on our business processes so you can feel confident in your decision to make ACM your preferred central lab.

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What happens if the UK withdraws
from the EU with a no-deal Brexit Decision?

ACM Global Laboratories has defined specific logistical strategies
to prepare with the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.

The ACM-BRT has completed comprehensive planning to devise solutions for all possible scenarios that may impact our business during and after the Brexit transition period.

In the event that the UK withdraws from the EU without a deal, the ACM-BRT will deploy a logistics management strategy that includes specialist courier services, documentation, and customized solutions that are tailored to your specific study and trial design.

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ACM Global Logistical Strategies


Specialist courier services

  • In the days immediately before and after a no-deal Brexit, ACM Global will route all shipments via a specialist courier operator. This will ensure that all shipments are managed on an individual basis rather than on a bulk courier entry, allowing for intervention at either pick up from the investigator site, or at the UK border if required.
  • Shipments will be pre-cleared where possible and allowed by the country via direct connection with the local customs systems in the UK and the EU.
  • Shipments will be routed via the most efficient route, with the option of choosing from a number of major commercial airlines, or via the specialist courier’s vast network to guarantee flight space. This will include a decision on which UK entry point is chosen, ensuring that all shipments are not centralized via the main UK gateways. 
  • Temperature-sensitive shipments will be maintained as specified. Even in the event of delays, our dry ice supply chain is sourced locally in each country to always ensure availability at all times. Additional packaging stock has been secured for all temperature ranges.


  • All shipments entering the UK may require customs invoices to enable customs clearances. ACM will supply all test sites with required documentation and instructions to ensure that the correct documentation is in place to facilitate a smooth transition across the UK border.

Careful planning is key.

Our experts have performed due diligence to safeguard your studies.

Based on input from current customers that partner with ACM as their central lab of choice during the Brexit transition, we have identified and provided feedback to several frequently asked questions (FAQs). We encourage you to contact us with your specific questions and engage with our ACM-BRT for a no-cost evaluation and proposed solutions for how we would support your clinical trial during and after the Brexit transition period.    

The ACM-BRT is fully prepared to respond to any potential Brexit outcomes in 2020 and is equipped to provide a solution to any new developments as they arise. Our mission is to continue safeguarding your studies and partner with you in order to keep you updated as the Brexit landscape continues to evolve. Your projects are a top priority and will continue keeping you abreast of information. Please contact us at your convenience if we may answer any additional questions or concerns about the Brexit transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Speak with an expert.

Please know that our company and the ACM-BRT are working to respond to changes that may arise as a result of a no-deal Brexit. To address your individual questions about our company’s response to the Brexit situation and how we have planned for the transition, please contact us at your convenience. Your projects are a top priority and will continue keeping you abreast of information.