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ABS Laboratories

Specializing in complex assay method developmentand validation for the quantification of drugs, metabolites and biomarkers     

ABS Laboratories

ABS Laboratories, a part of ACM Global Laboratories, specializes in complex assay method development and validation for the quantification of drugs, metabolites and biomarkers in biological samples for preclinical and clinical trials including final regulatory submission.

We are GLP/GCP and MHRA accredited and have significant experience in supporting pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and government agencies in the US and UK.

Services and Assays

ABS Laboratories offers customers a broad range of bioanalytical services, from full method development and method transfer capabilities to early stage discovery and regulated lead candidate sample analysis. Our special areas of expertise include:

  • Pharmacokinetic (PK) Bioanalysis
  • Pharmacodynamic (PD) Biomarkers
  • Cannabinoid Testing
  • Drugs of Abuse
  • Smoking and Nicotine Research
  • Blood Brain Barrier

We also offer a consultancy service on a broad range of issues, managed by our experts in bioanalysis and the regulatory process.


We have the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • 5 LC-MS/MS systems
  •  All AB Sciex MS/MS systems
  •  UPLC capability
  •  96-well plate format
  •  Automation with 96-well pipetting stations


  • Plasma and serum
  • Saliva and urine
  • Feces
  • Various tissues
  • Dried blood spots/VAM® volumetrically accurate microsampler device
    (10, 20 & 30µL)

Bioanalytical Support For Drug Development and Clinical Studies

Clinical development is more complex and scientifically demanding than ever before. Successful diagnosis, screening and therapeutic drug monitoring require organizations who are at the forefront of research and testing—with the expertise and experience to drive innovation in the pharmaceutical laboratory marketplace.

Together, ACM and ABS are pioneering the way. We provide a therapeutically focused, integrated, global approach for quality results.

Services Provided for Clinical Studies

  • Clinical – services offered include custom assay development and validation, assay transfer, support to first time in man (FTM) studies with fast turnaround of data, support for Phase I-IV proof of concept and bioequivalence studies and non-compartmental PK analysis.
  • Pre-Clinical – including custom assay development and validation, assay transfer and support for safety studies in all common toxicological models.
  • Therapeutic Drug and Health Monitoring – services include highly sensitive and specific assays, high throughput analysis with next-day turnaround of data, phone support for sample enquiry, lab partnerships to provide drug level and histopathological measurements and reporting/trend analysis of study data.
  • Drug Discovery – services include high throughput assays, PK support to single and cassette dosed studies, support to absorption screens (e.g. CACO-2 and blood brain barrier), support to other in-vitro screens (e.g. protein binding and stability studies) and customized reporting of data.
  • Qualitative Analytical Investigations – services offered include LC-MS-MS analysis of impurities from pharmaceutical raw materials, LC-MS-MS analysis of degradants from pharmaceutical stability test and metabolite profiling.
  • Drug Formulation – services include specific assay development and validation for regulatory requirements (e.g. GMP), analysis of low sample number studies of drug formulated material from the manufacturing process and tailored reporting to meet client-specific needs.

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