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Smoking & Nicotine Research

ABS Laboratories is a leading authority on the quantification of nicotine, cotinine, 3-hydroxy cotinine, nitrosamines, acrolein and 3-hydroxypropylmercapturic acid (3-HPMA) (all smoking related analytes) in saliva, plasma and urine.

The laboratory has set up and validated a multitude of assays to support smoking research and the development of nicotine replacement products.


  • High throughput assays suitable for epidemiological studies.
  • Telephone support for sample enquiry.
  • A three-hour turn-around time if required on selected samples.

The sensitive, robust methods can determine nicotine and its metabolites cotinine and 3-hydroxy cotinine. The ratio of 3-hydroxy cotinine to cotinine indicates how quickly an individual metabolises nicotine to aid in the selection of the most appropriate medication to aid smoking cessation.

Its anabasine assays used in conjunction with the cotinine and 3-hydroxy cotinine assays shows how nicotine was consumed whether it was from tobacco or a nicotine replacement therapy.

Assays for the known carcinogens, nitrosamines and acrolein found in tobacco smoke, plus acrolein’s metabolite 3-HPMA, have also been used to test the effectiveness of nicotine replacement therapies.

All these assays are sensitive enough to be used to investigate the effects of passive smoking and are used routinely in health surveys.